Top 7 Trends in Social Media

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Social Media Freaks (@socialmediafreakz) Introduction- Despite many of the changes in online marketing over the last decade, trends in social media as well as social media, in general, have indeed survived but now have improved every year to maintain its position as one of the most…Continue Reading “Top 7 Trends in Social Media to Keep an Eye on in 2021”

Voice Search

Ever since the launch of the voice search feature by Google in the year 2002, voice search has come a long way in terms of technology, usability, and utility. Voice search and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are playing a major role in this era of Digital Marketing revolution that we are witnessing. Instead of being typed…Continue Reading “The Emerging Trend of Voice Search / The Rise in Voice Search- What You Should Know?”

How Does Social Media Help Seo

Kritika SharmaI am Kritika Sharma, Sales & Marketing Specialist at Social Media Freaks. Being a technophile and marketing enthusiast, I feel exhilarated to work in an IT company. I have a passion for blogging about technology, food, and nature. I love to play sports and have good skills in Table Tennis. I like to explore…Continue Reading “HOW DOES SOCIAL MEDIA HELP SEO?”