seo for your business

If you are intrigued about this, this is just the right article for you. As a digital marketing professional, we know that the right SEO can make a world of difference to a business online. In this blog, we will talk about

  • What exactly is SEO,
  • What is its importance
  • What are the advantages
  • Major requirements
  • Why a business needs SEO
  • Is SEO required only once
  • Finding the right SEO firm

What is SEO

We all know that whenever people want to search something on the internet, they type some words (called keywords) in the browser search. Based on these keywords, Google shows a number of results continuing to several pages.

96% of people stay on the first page and choose one of the options given. Only 4% of people continue to the second page. If we have a business, we want people to find it listed on the first page so that it drives traffic to our website or convert to sales. 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a set of organic strategies and practices that make a business rank on the first page for a particular keyword.

If the website is pushed down to the second page or further, it has no usefulness because only 4% of people who search that keyword would reach there.

By organic, we mean the un-paid ways wherein we do not pay anything to Google to show our business on top.

There are nearly 200 factors that govern top ranking, but 20-30 are major factors that are usually looked at.

Why is SEO Important?

SEO is important for better searchability and visibility, but actually, it offers more real value than that. It can take a brand or a business to the next level. 

Just think like a user. You use Google to find some information, product, or service you need. If there were no SEO, how would you ever find websites, info, or a business you are looking for? Search results would be too manipulated and it would take forever to find sites that offer real value.

Through Search Engines, Google weighs the value that a website or an article is offering to the user and ranks them likewise. Everyone is looking for organic rankings and favorable experience.

And Google’s engines have interpreted this to offer exactly that-a a positive user experience. a website that appeals to visitors correlate with high search engine rankings, so if your site meets these criteria, you’ll have a better chance at showing up in the results.

That is why SEO is important. It ensures that people on the internet do not have to spend more than a few seconds to find the info they want. This creates a sort of norm in browsing that is a very important part. 

Also, it keeps the rankings fair, pushes you on the first page, increases your worth, gets you more clicks, driving traffic to your site. On your page, it heightens the user experience too, making it more likely for customers to become repeat buyers.

What are the advantages of SEO

The main advantage of SEO over ad campaigns is that it is organic. It increases the value of your site for the audiences. Competitors can spend huge sums of money to divert traffic towards terror business but with a low budget, Google ranks you high for what you are worth due to quality and user experience.

Ads can bring people on your site, but cannot retain them for long in the absence of professional optimization. Most SEO companies like Social Media Freaks also rope in SMO( social media optimization) to build social media links and citations.

So, wherever your target users go, you are present. Moreover, you save a lot of money and get genuine customers who are looking for the service that your business is providing. 

Major requirements for SEO

There are three parts to SEO: keyword search, on-page, and off-page optimization. Without keywords, there is no SEO. For example, if you have a salon, how would I expect people to find me? I want them to type haircuts, salon, manicure, coloring, etc.

Whenever they type these words they must find my website there. So, what are the requirements to do that? Include these keywords in your site content, headings, name, etc. even when we do a Google ad, keyword analysis is important, the words on which you wanna rank. This is one part.

On-page entails everything you can regulate on your own website to improve your rankings. This refers to things like site speed, keyword presence, header text, and so on.

On the other hand, off-page SEO consists of anything done on other websites that may influence your rankings. Generally, this only refers to a citation, social signals, and backlinks.

These are both pretty technical. You have to hire the services of an SEO expert firm or individual.

In the beginning, it is recommended that you do a professional optimization of your website when it is being built or the first few months at least.

Nevertheless, there are certain attributes without which you cannot obtain a ranking

Major Requirements 

  1. An active website- regular content posting
  2. Rich content – the content has value and builds trust
  3. Hosting speed- should be high
  4. Social presence- social media links and activity
  5. Strong Backlinking
  6. Good internal linking

Since SEO constitutes many ranking factors, the overall performance determines who comes out on top.

Why your business needs SEO?

SEO for your business

Does every business require SEO or some industries need it more than the others? You may be wondering if investing time and effort in the process is all that important.

Well, the optimization needs of some websites might be different from the others, but the industry niche does not decide the do it or no question. The factors responsible for any particular big or small enterprise are:-

  • What stage of growth the business is
  • What stage of growth the website is
  • How are visitors are reacting to the website
  • Which keywords the business needs to target for ranking
  • How high is the competition for those keywords
  • Whether or not any SEO has been done in the past
  • Whether the site is facing a penalty from Google

Where the industry can have an impact is about competition. If you deliver valuable information and optimized/categorized content, you make it easy for search engines to find and organize it, and therefore, give you higher rankings in searches.

The improved exposure drives a large number of visitors to your pages. It converts to higher sales and a large customer database.

The bottom line is if you have what the users want, SEO is a great tool for targeting the audiences.

Is SEO required only once?

SEO Best Practices and Google algorithms keep changing. Monitoring and strategizing proactively to these changes can keep you ahead of your competitors.

Google makes thousands of algorithms changes every year. If you fall too far behind, it might become awfully hard to come back.

It is wonderful to have SEO campaigns applied on a brand’s website and its digital properties, but if it is a short-term commitment and one which is not reassessed over time, it will reach a low plateau from where it is difficult to rise.

SEO professionals make sure that you never fall behind.

Finding the Right SEO Firm

Having looked at the importance, need and, benefits of search engine optimization, the next step is to acquire a trusted SEO partner who works with you to implement solutions designed to help you reach more people and earn more revenue offline and online.

Usually, digital marketing companies like Social Media Freaks undertake these projects. They analyze your website, competitors, content and, then optimize the content, pages, links off-page, and so many other types of practices.

Today social media optimization is equally, if not more important than search optimization. SMF combines it with the social profile marketing to attract and engage the target audiences.

They also provide Adword services, online reputation management, social media marketing, and, blog posting to keep websites active.  

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Perceptions have become objective nowadays, and whatever is visible on the digital platforms, sells.

Whatever is not visible, does not exist. No matter what your niche is, whether your business is new or old, you need to make a web presence, a social media presence, and a heightened user experience for your targeted customers.

Otherwise, you stand to lose a digital battle in a tech-savvy world. For all this to happen, and get to the top of the search engine rankings.

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