Dr. Holmes boosted her revenues to 50% with Facebook marketing, you can too:

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Dr. Holmes boosted her revenues to 50% with Facebook marketing, you can too:

Social media is a powerful platform with unmeasurable reach and power to attract many. While it has already proven its mettle in helping people build their social circle, social media has also come upas a great podium for businesses to launch their digital marketing efforts. Social media allows businesses to expand their reach, connect with new customers and maintain relationships with the existing ones. No doubt it is being recommended as one of the most important digital marketing tools to focus on in 2019.

Sadly, most of the businesses consider that digital marketing of social media marketing is a tool limited for the biggies. While this is nowhere near the fact, what can be better than an example to claim that social media can help any business, no matter what size and type?

Dr. Holmes, a dentist that earned 7 figures revenue using social media

A few months before, Dr. Holmes was just another dentist practicing from her dental clinic and offering whatever best treatment she could to her patients. While her patients were happy to get treated successfully, Dr. Holmes wasn’t as much satisfied with her revenues.

It is a common knowledge that dentistry is an expensive profession as you have to invest in a range of technologies and instruments to help your patients with their dental conditions. Earning revenues to overcome the investment and then make profits is very important to survive in the dental business.

So, what was the problem exactly? Dr. Holmes was qualified and practicing for years. She had a great pool of patients who trusted her for her treatments. Sadly, the pool was restricted to a limited geography. While Dr. Holmes had great potential to engage with more patients in a day, there was no awareness about her in the surrounds. She was a business, known to a limited audience, which certainly was below her potential.

Using social media for her business:

Dr. Holmes, a dentist by profession and technology enthusiast resorted to Social Media for her business game. She not only boosted her business but also helped other dentists in the community to establish themselves.

Dr. Holmes had a previous social marketing experience which she utilized in bringing in more patients and create great impressions on the community. She not only expanded her customer base but also increased her income by 30-50% per year using Funnels, Facebook Ads, and other coaching services.

How Holmes utilized social media?

Holmes used social media to connect with her patients and the community. By sharing how dental practices are good and the experience of other patients with her, on Facebook, Holmes educated many about the possibilities. Holmes made information, experiences and choices available to the patients, which made people comfortable and willing.

Holmes is also helping other dentists expand their boundaries and connect with their customers. Facebook has helped them grow, in terms of the patient pool as well as revenues.

Facebook and other social media marketing practices are being adopted by businesses at a rapid rate. Digital marketing is a way to attract more customers beyond geographical boundaries and offer them information that they want. If you are a business with eyes on growth and revenues, Social Media Freaks Can help you adapt the social media marketing tactics. Connect with our expert today and let us craft a social media strategy for your business!