How Does Social Media Help Seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge part of digital marketing and it’s a matter of perplexion whether social media impacts search engine optimization or not.

Still, in 2021, the relation between social media and SEO remains vague. Are the two highly related to each other?

Search engines like Google and Bing do crawl the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

But it’s still unclear that how much these impact the search rankings and algorithms.

However, it definitely makes an impact on the factors such as traffic, that do affect the rankings. 

So, What is Social Media’s Role in SEO?

Social media might not influence SEO directly but it is capable of driving traffic to your site with the help of links.

Even when you create content on your social media pages, it also contributes in increasing your rank.

It is so because when you create valuable content for your audience, they will spend time reading it and even share the content further.

This provides a signal to Google that your page is valuable and helps to rank it higher.

So, Social media and SEO might not be directly correlated, but they go hand in hand.

Here you’ll learn few important facts about social media and its impact on your SEO.


Social media is the best way to make sure that your content reaches a larger audience.

On search engines, people will get to see your content only if they’re searching for a relevant keyword. But this is not the case with social media.

On social media, people will be able to discover your content even without the intention of finding it.

So, the better content reach leads to high-quality traffic and that helps in SEO rankings.

Content sharing can be even more impactful when a social media influencer shares it.

This strategy is being used rigorously these days as there are numerous amounts of influencers on social media platforms with a large number of followers, who do get impacted by what their influencers tell them.

So, this has made the content grow at a very faster rate these days. 


There is no doubt that good content helps to drive leads to the website.

While creating the content, focus should be on quality over quantity.

The content should be valuable enough for your audience to stay interested in your work and share it further to drive traffic.

Low-quality content with large quantity won’t generate good traffic. To make your audience come back, you need to have fresh and original content.

When the content gets shared on social media platforms, it opens the doors to earn backlinks.

Backlinks means the links to your page from other pages having authority.

Backlinks are an important factor for your website as they boost your SEO. It builds trustworthiness, reliability, and authority.

Credible backlinks will contribute to ranking higher in the search results and reach more leads.


Traffic counts as one of the major ranking factors.

Social media has the power of generating traffic for your site by making your content go viral and be visible to a large amount of audience.

When more and more people like and share your content then they send more traffic to your website, which boosts your ranking.


Social media profiles are not just limited to social media but they also rank in search engine results.

They are visible in branded search results.

So, with the help of Social media, you can manage your profiles and optimizing them, you can increase search engine visibility and drive more traffic.

This may generate leads to your social media pages and later to your website.


Not all of the time we search stuff on search engines.

Rather sometimes we just look for things on social media platforms.

With so much of data available on social media pages, people these days prefer to find things on them.

In fact, it has become a trend these days to follow up on companies and brands on social media pages rather than their original websites.

This helps the audience to stay connected with the brands and updated with their work.


Social media highly affects your local SEO.

Your NAP ( name, address and phone number) has huge impact in local search rankings.

Google is tend to consider your business more credible if you maintain these things across all of your social media pages and website.

And this is again an important factor that boosts your rankings in local as well as other search results.

Adding NAP and maps on your social media platforms helps gain more visibility and reachability among your local audience.

Overall, we can say that social media is an important aspect of search engine optimization.

It might not contribute directly but helps in building the brand, driving traffic and eventually boosting your ranking.

So, it’s important to create valuable content on regular basis and manage your social media well to have your SEO strategy on point.

I am Kritika Sharma, Sales & Marketing Specialist at Social Media Freaks.

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