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Video and marketing go hand in hand. From traditional commercials on TV in the 1960s to today’s YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo, and even Facebook Live, it is evident that video has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives. According to a survey, online video is 600% more effective marketing tool as compared to print and direct mail combined. 

Why Should You Include Video in Digital Marketing?

Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, a well-crafted video is worth a thousand sales. As video appears in 70% of the top 100 search listings, almost 65%-85% of the viewers are likely to buy a product after watching its video.

On average, visitors who watch videos stay twice as long and surf twice as many pages versus the visitors who don’t watch videos. This helps in more conversions.

A good strategy can help a brand get more mileage out of their videos by segmenting them into various categories like different geographic areas, different shopper demographics, or other groups.

Video Builds Trust with Customers

Visuals create a sense of engagement in the audience and videos are one of the best ways for storytelling as it helps to build trust amongst its viewers.

Emotionally charged-up and creative videos have become a staple for most of the brands to carry out their promotional campaigns. This helps in making an impact on the customers and creates an emotional connection with them.

The emails which have ‘Video’ written in the subject are most likely to be accessed more.

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Mobile Users Prefer Using Videos

Consumers love watching videos on their personal mobile phones. As per a study from IAB, there has been a 35% rise in watching videos as more and more viewers prefer to watch them from their mobile devices.

The popularity of watching videos on small screens is growing all over the world, especially amongst the younger population. Not just watching, but one can also create amazing video content using their mobile phones.

Video Encourages Social Shares

Social media shares are a valuable currency for brands these days. Getting social media shares through video marketing isn’t easy. The brands need to identify with the needs of the customers and create content accordingly so as to capture their attention.

Not just ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’, but 48% of social marketers use shares as a way to measure the success of their brand campaign. For videos to go ‘viral’, their content as well the platform on which they are being shared matters. 

Video Caters To High ROI

Videos are capable of generating 3 times as many monthly visitors to a website as simple text posts. The key to getting more ROI through video marketing is to focus on the key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Creating highly personalized videos that cater to the needs of the targeted audience generates more profit rather than videos that are created to please everyone.

Video Ads Work Wonders

Video ads get instantly noticed by the customers. Video ad impressions have almost doubled, and tend to do a lot better than photo ads, as per a report from Brand Networks.

There has been a significant rise in mobile video ad spend. Till the time mobile video ads stay relevant, the customers are certainly going to be interested in them.

Video Is Very Popular In Email Campaigns

Making use of videos in emails is one of the best ways to generate more sales. The whole brand promotional campaign becomes more effective and engaging as videos appeal more to customers and paint text or pictures. Video marketing in emails also is a major time saver for both the sender and the customer.

More information about a product can be shared in less time which makes the task of making the customer understand complex things easy. Plus a video can get viral anytime.

Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

Videos have the capability to explain more things in an easier way. Pictures, texts, and stills can’t create that impact which a video can.

By showing to users through a video, how a particular product works, they are more likely to understand it better and the chances of customers making the purchase are also high. 

Just like one optimizes text content, one needs to make sure that the videos are optimized for SEO as well.

Nearly 5 billion videos are watched every day. More than 50 % of videos are watched on mobile phones. Internet video traffic accounts for 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

More than 80% of businesses use videos as part of their digital marketing strategy. Close to 90% of customers have claimed that video marketing has helped them in their purchasing decisions.

97% of marketers have said that video marketing has brought a boon to their business. Video is the most popular content from throughout the world.

They are addictive if made correctly and are capable of engaging the audience more.

Video marketing gives businesses the opportunities to showcase important features of their business while integrating fun graphics, a spunky voice, engaging music, or stylistic pictures.

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