Prepare Your E-commerce Store for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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Undoubtedly the Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be completely different for eCommerce stores in this COVID-19 year.

2020 has witnessed an astounding change in consumer behavior due to the pandemic. There has been an unprecedented rise in online shopping, equivalent to that of 10 years. Every holiday season, the deals become bigger, year after year, both online and offline. With social distancing still being followed, the current trends indicate that the eCommerce Black Friday sales are going to hit the roof. 

Start early and invest in digital marketing& website enhancement

As Black Friday bargain hunting begins earlier this year due to corona,eCommerce stores will need to attract customers in advance.

The first imperative of the e-commerce business to be proactive in your response to the current happenings in the industry.

It is time to pull up your socks and make an online presence much before Black Friday.

Have a look at the following list of the prime changes & strategies you must implement.

Mobile responsiveness

Black Friday or not, eCommerce has provided mobile users with a convenient way to shop, especially in COVID-19 times. Including me, 80% of smartphone users make a purchase on their phone, and nearly 40 percent of eCommerce buying happens on a mobile device. This year Google has altered its criteria for ranking.

If your website is a tad bit slow loading on phones, itis not going to rank on Google. To optimize your site for mobile usage you need to take the following steps:

1. Implement AMP

AMP or an accelerated mobile page is a framework developed by Google along with Twitter.

It makes the pages lightweight and fast loading. The core technology simplifies HTML and follows CSS rules.

It requires effort,but it is possible to do it yourself too. (Search for the method online), based on whether your website is onWordPress or otherwise.  

If you have collaborated with a person or agency for your digital marketing, tell him to get going on this.       

2. Select a responsive template or theme

Do not use a complicated theme. Instead, implement a responsive template that adapts to the user’s device automatically. Of course, you must have a mobile app in addition to a dynamic desktop version.

Boost your SEO- search engine optimization

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday there is going to be bulk searches for products and you want to drive all of them to you.

Polish your search engine optimization so that your site gets a high ranking on Google, and maximum traffic diverted to your online store. The more effort you put in the SEO, the more sales you get.

SEO optimizes the website, improves the content, formatting, backlinks and more to score high on organic searches.

Your digital partner can help your store to increase your brand value and web presence.

Optimize your site for Voice search

 Black Friday has eCommerce customers in a frenzy. According to the latest surveys, nearly 50% of users use voice to search for products for shopping.It is trending.

However, the spoken keywords are very different from the typed ones. Your web content must be enhanced to provide clear-cut answers. Restructure the content, use conversational language, and provide answers.

Email campaigns & creating a pleasant post-purchase experience

Your relationship with your visitor (buyer or not) does not end after Black Friday or after the last time he purchased from you. Email marketing strategy is your vehicle for making a sale & building a valuable relationship with customers.

You have valuable data of registered email addresses in your hands. Email campaigns for Black FridayFCM are very effective and hit right on target.

It is one of the most reliable and profitable methods accounting for 23% of sales. You can send customized emails to users according to their purchase behavior.

However, make sure that your emails do not go to the spam folder. There are ways to send bulk emails and not get spammed. You can learn to do that on G suite or consult your digital partner.

Apply online marketing strategies

Get going with an online marketing plan for eCommerce Black Friday salebefore it is too late.

You don’t want your competitors surging ahead, do you? Digital campaigns not only get customers into your store but also enhance their in-store experience! Powerful tools such as the following work much more than none other:

  • Google ads,
  • PPC
  • content marketing,
  • social media marketing
  • lead generation
  • drive website traffic
  • referral marketing,

Optimize your Checkout page

All loaded carts must convert to a sale. Checkout page optimization simplifies the purchase and lowers the chances of shopping cart abandonment and bounce rate. 

You can use various tools (available online) to do that. You can add testimonials, trusting customers, and make sign-up compulsory

If you are looking for cashing in on the huge opportunity created for eCommerce due to social distancing norms in the pandemic, now is the time.

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