Your Business and Social Media Influencers

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Do you remember why you clicked on a particular video in your Facebook feed? 

How do you make a choice between which random posts you are going to like and share? 

It is because those posts have a popular face that you trust and tend to believe and follow.

You are the person these popular faces are targeting as a potential customer. Welcome to the world of Social Media Influencer marketing!

Prior to the arrival of social media on the scene, one of the preeminent ways for companies to create outstanding promotion campaigns for their business was celebrity endorsements.

Nothing boosts an advertisement more than putting up a familiar face on the merchandise. Although celebrity endorsement remains one of the favorite marketing tactics, the ways of attributing a famous person to a product or service have altered.

The advent and popularity of platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter have given birth to a new breed of people called Social Media Influencers.

Smart digital marketing professionals are fervently utilizing these influential people to not only increase brand value but also to reach potential customers in numbers and places nobody could think of.

Not just being limited to celebrities, influencer marketing brings powerful commendation to the era of social media and content marketing.

Who is a Social Media Influencer?

A Social Media Influencer is an individual on a social medium who has gained credibility in a particular niche or industry. He or she holds access and command over a wide audience and can influence them via their legitimacy and reach.

They have a following in millions. They create content on public platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, to support certain brands that collaborate with them.

They provide an exceptional opportunity to leverage their following to boost sales, leads, and revenue for your business.

It is a misconception that every influencer has celebrity status. We may divide them into 3 main categories:

  1. Celebrities
  2. Industry prodigies 
  3. inspirational speakers 
  4. Bloggers and content creators

How to find the right influencer for your business

Would you like to take advice on good eating joints from M.S. Dhoni or Vir Sanghvi? Well, Dhoni might have been to the best of restaurants but Vir Sanghvi is a food connoisseur.

May it be any country or state, he has experienced all and documented most. Hence, he would most likely be your best bet. If you own a restaurant business, just think of Vir Sanghvi raving about the food and services about your brand on his social media handles.

What a transformation it can be for your restaurant!

After you shortlist a few options, the following are a few pointers for finalizing the right one before you jump the influencers’ wagon:

  • Niche– Look for individuals in your niche or related. For example, if you deal with fashion accessories, a renowned beauty professional is relative too.
  • Target audience- Make a rough sketch of your target customer based on gender, occupation, or location. Match this sketch with the influencer’s profile. 
  • Type of content you want to market– Do you want to host an event with them or have them write a blog, shoot videos, or audios.
  • Return on investment– It must be much more than that of your routine campaign to be worth the effort and money. 
  • User’s reach– It’s all about numbers. Take into account the number of social media users they can touch. 
  • Research- Do a little research of your own or ask the influencers for their detailed metrics and the brands they have worked with. 

If you find it hard to handle (it can be overwhelming indeed), the best option is to do it professionally via an expert digital marketing agency such as Social Media Freaks.

SMF can help you find the best one to engage with, and they also know the right way to make full use of, to get the highest advantage.

The Real Value in Influencer Marketing

Maybe you would not have thought it over, but online reviews and ratings play a vital role in your business’s digital reputation. At least 80% of people go through these reviews before making a purchase.

For you as a business, an influencer partnership would bring valuable high-profile reviews for your products. Before becoming a customer, the audience does not know you.

Today every customer is smart and internet-savvy. They base their opinions and decision-making on the ratings & reviews on websites like Amazon or Google.

 The influencer partnerships bring the much-needed high-profile reviews on your business and the products offered. The influencer’s customers attach value to the suggestions that people who follow these individuals also view and buy your services. 

This type of value is rarely provided by other methods of advertising or marketing. Combine this with the reach and engagement this partnership offers and you have a winner in your hands!

SMI for your business brings a very high return on investment in terms of leads, sales, and ultimately, revenue

Add social media influencers to your marketing strategy

Either look after it yourself, or hire services of professionals such as Social Media Freaks, but one must add SMI marketing to give a big boost to your online presence, reputation, and business profile.