Difference between Enterprise SEO vs. Traditional SEO

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Enterprise SEO vs. Traditional SEO

Enterprise (SEO) is a search engine optimization tool that differs in its methods and techniques from traditional SEO.

It helps large businesses with thousands of products increase revenue and drives more traffic to their sites.

One can define it as the tools and techniques that rank your website on the first page in SERPs and enhance the quantity and quality of traffic, organically. So, how do these two compare?

Let us find out the Enterprise SEO vs. Traditional SEO

What Is Enterprise SEO?

We can define enterprise SEO as one that improves the organic ranking of large companies that have thousands or maybe millions of pages on their website.

You cannot drive traffic to such a large-scale site with normal SEO. Specialized teams, tactics, and strategies are needed for that.

What is Traditional SEO?

Traditional or small business SEO is deployed for small websites having from a few pages to a few hundred.

Regular strategies are aimed at increasing the quantity & quality of traffic to the website through organic search.

How do you know when a website is an enterprise?

There are various different ways that analysts describe enterprise SEO. Some classify it according to the size of the site, some on the size of the organization, while others base it on the size of the business.

Whatever the parameter, the common thing is scale. When the scale of a website, a company, or its revenue (or all) is big, it qualifies as an enterprise site. The challenges are new and the stakes are very high.

The common things in such sites are:

  • The website plays a pivotal role in the success of business success and its brand value.
  • The site is maintained by a well-coordinated project team.
  • The SEO consist of high-level automated tasks performed across thousands or millions of pages on the site.

For an expert, working on enterprise-level sites is a different ball game altogether. There is a complete shift in techniques, processes, and ways the project is handled.

For example, the SEO for companies like Apple, Amazon, or Walmart who have thousands of product listings on their websites differs in lot many ways from that of a site like Social Media Freaks, who are a focussed digital marketing company.

Let us see a few parameters on which enterprise SEO differs from the traditional.

Keyword Selection

Experts target short and high-competition keywords for enterprise SEO. Short-tail keywords typically consist of two or three head terms.

These 2-3 words broadly signify the industry and its niche, in that order. For example, Digital Marketing”.

Deploying short keywords makes the website attract a much bigger number of users. After that one can work on ranking it high.

Similarly, choose high-competition phrases for enterprise sites and not the low-competition ones.

For such sites, SEOs target a combination of two or three keywords. This drives heavy traffic to the site by making it easily searchable.

Traditional optimization for small business entails the usage of long-tail keywords with low competition.

That way they can make them rank with fewer keywords and standard SEO tools.

Financial Investment

From link building to data setup for product listings, enterprise SEO work is substantially on a large scale.

Search engine optimization is an essential requirement that works on driving searches, targeting and engaging customers, and creating value on the site.

Advanced technology and strategies need to be constantly implemented, mixed, and matched to get the desired outcome. There are visuals, content, call to action, and finally sale.

To achieve all these targets, large companies need to invest in that scale too.

Collaborate with Several Teams to Keep Content Fresh

For a large business like amazon that centers around its website, the SEO team has to coordinate with many other teams in the organization.

You have to collaborate with various departments for press releases, new product launches, and new pages or purchase managers. You have to be on your toes to keep content fresh and ranking high.

Online Reputation Management

For bigger companies, bad news and negative press can rank higher up in searches. No amount of PR can remedy it when there are bulk searches performed in the enterprise’s name each month.

Only cutting-edge SEO strategies can push the positive ones on top.

Creating a positive brand image is crucial because people check reviews, social media, and Wikipedia profiles too before engaging with a product or company.

Enterprise SEO teams focus on breeding positive online reviews. It has the ability to notch-up sales by up to 40%.


While talking about enterprise SEO, we are talking about thousands of pages and millions of products. For such large numbers, it is not possible to create optimized content manually.

It is just not practical. Periodically there are new products launched or mergers happening.

SEO experts apply automation tools and enable several tasks to trigger on schedule or stimulus.

Voice Search Optimization

For an enterprise site, the SEO must take voice search into account. Thousands of pages on a site means tons of products.

Most people nowadays use voice search while using a mobile phone.

Statistically speaking, at least 30% of searches consist of voice. While small businesses may do so, but ignoring voice search in enterprise SEO is just not done.

It is imperative (and visual search). It allows them to reach a wider audience and enhance their web presence.

Voice search optimization involves creating content that matches spoken words. Vocal language is much different from typed words, hence the keywords become long-tailed and more conversational.

Moreover, with the introduction of featured snippets, direct answers to queries also need to be optimized.

One has to study these snippets for all keywords and incorporate them into the website content. It increases the chances of the ranking manifold.

Final words

Performing SEO on enterprise sites is by no means as easy as the traditional one.

One is talking about analyzing and optimizing thousands of pages, competing with local companies with more focused SEO, building a brand image, and win the game of keywords too.

No matter how challenging it may sound, it is achievable with advanced tools and hard work.  Enterprise experts can help businesses increase revenue.