seo trends in 2020

Undoubtedly, it is an SEO’s job to keep abreast of the latest practices and anticipate what Google is planning, testing, or implementing in the future.

As SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) competition continues to grow and new websites are being tossed in, it is time to reconsider your content building strategy and follow the latest trends in SEO.

Websites need to meet the precise requirements set by search engines like Google, and this is where a professional approach becomes very significant.

Social Media Freaks always keep researching and analyzing to be in the loop for Google’s algorithm updates to convert it into profitable strategies to increase and maintain website rankings in the SERP. 

There are numerous examples of websites suddenly going towards a downward curve after the launch of new algorithms by Google’s search engine. Via this blog post, we would study the upcoming SEO trends and discuss which in 2020 and beyond, for SEO.

I will take a look at what is in store for SEO in 2020 and the solutions that can arm us with the right approach to remain in top rankings. 

Let us dive into the chief trending strategies in this article. 

What are the SEO trends in 2020?
  1. Voice Search Optimization for Websites
  2. Mobile UX is crucial to Rankings
  3. Content optimization via snippets

1. Voice Search Optimization for Websites

Before the advent of state-of-the-art smartphones, a search was only limited to typing words into search boxes in browsers on personal computers or laptops. This led to the practice and research on these “Keywords” born out of consumer behavior.

Jump to 2020 and the enormous use of mobile phones and tabs, voice searches have become the general trend among internet users. These are not just limited to phones, but they can also be made on home voice assistants such as the Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, Voice Pod, etc.

To generate more organic traffic for your website, SEO strategies for voice searches have to be implemented too. 

But how does voice search alter SEO? 

Substantially. It is an impending alteration considering that 2020 onwards more than fifty percent of all internet searches would be initiated through voice. Google has improved its algorithm Rankbrain and also introduced a new one called BERT for the optimization of voice search results.

BERT model processes words by correlating each word to the other in a sentence, and not by order. It contributes more impetus to the intent and perspective of the query and delivers results that are desired by the user.

Voice searches affect SEO immensely as it is all about speaking the queries via voice, instead of entering short and choppy keywords. 

Consequently, the key content and data of websites need to be revamped to include more conversational words. Therefore, the content building practices must be modified to score favourably in these searches in addition to the typed ones. 

2. Mobile UX is crucial to Rankings

 Websites that do not possess mobile responsive versions stand to lose most of their users in 2020 & the coming years as mobile web pages are an emergent trend expected to become even more prevalent in 2020.

With each passing day, more and more people are gaining access to smartphones and providers are building more towers for better internet services.

Not just the mobile site, but the interface has to be clean & easy to read to capture the user’s attention. Secondly, it must be capable of resolving their queries or have an entertainment value.  

According to statistical studies, 8 out of 10 consumers conduct local searches on using their mobile devices. 

Since more people are searching from their smartphones than from a computer, it’s important to have a mobile version for your website to reach the maximum target audience most for your product or service.

The Social Media Freaks team optimizes websites for mobile phones to keep their clients up on top compared to their competitors.

They know that the higher your website is in the Google mobile page index, the more noticeable your business will be.

3. Inclusion of Snippets 

Featured snippets are trending in the year 2020 for SEO. Google has progressed a lot in the current years to bring a better search experience for the user, and more recently, through Featured Snippets. 

A featured snippet is a section of selected text from a website that answers the user’s query straightaway. It appears over and above the #1 organic result, also called ‘zero’ position.

Since it is highlighted on top of the page, this description is like a small window to what the website contains.

This trend is not to be taken lightly because statistics have shown that nearly 55% of clicks on Google originate from the featured snippets and drive traffic organically to a site.

This means half the traffic! To take advantage of this feature and appear in the zero rankings, it is important to adapt content to provide clear-cut and the most answer to frequently asked questions. 

Therefore, Google brings together a new option of dial FAQS or a list of questions that are adapted to appear in the Snippet. This feature optimizes searches for users, especially on phones and voice quests. 


Whoever owns a website, understands the importance and potential of SEO. It not just a game of keywords, it also entails valuable and trustworthy content for users. 

In any case, Google is just a search engine that routes information according to user behaviour. It makes sure that visitors get their queries solved and find the services they require, within seconds.

In case you are already conversant with the new trends and updates, start rolling. It is all for the best.

But if not, seek professional help from experienced SEO services such as SMF to take your business to new heights via top rankings &genuine customers.